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We offer a large range of fresh and frozen fish and seafood, with in-store preparation to meet our customers’ requirements whether it is a fillet, steak-cut, portion or other finished product. Our fish specialists are skilled and knowledgeable to ensure they provide the correct advice about each product.

At Thammachart Seafood we have both local and imported fresh and frozen fish and seafood, our purchasing dept. works with suppliers to ensure we offer you the best quality. In many instances we visit our overseas suppliers to get to know the product and operators, whether it be Loch Duart salmon from Scotland or Live lobster from Maine, USA. Locally we buy direct from local fisherman as well as from the wholesale markets and other suppliers.

To complement our fresh fish, we also offer a good range of frozen products. From products like trout from Chile or Black cod from North America. On top of this we have an extensive range of value-add products, from smoked salmon to canapés, to caviar, to marinated herring.

Please browse through a selection of some of the products we have available at our retail outlets, noting the product assortment varies from store to store depending on store format and positioning. If you cannot see what you are looking for just contact us, we will be delighted to help.

Also note we offer a pre-order service to satisfy your requirements for dinner parties, weekend barbeques or any other occasion. For this service, please contact our sales team at the office who will assist you with your request and direct you to your nearest store to collect the product.

Raw Talent

Raw Talent


King salmon is the largest species of the Pacific salmon family (which includes Sockeye, Coho and Pink salmon). Also called Chinook, it is heralded as the very best salmon species in terms of taste, texture and nutritional quality.

Remote and pristine, our King salmon are raised in arguably the cleanest rearing environments in the world, and we’re committed to keeping it that way. From the crystal clear waters flowing from Te Waikoropupū Springs near Takaka, to the majestic marine environment that is the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand King Salmon are farmed in one of the most sustainable ways possible.

Through hard work and innovation, New Zealand King Salmon has developed into one of New Zealand’s leading Aquaculture companies.  Respected for their clean, healthy and humane practices as well as their superior quality salmon.

New Zealand King Salmon are farmed in one of the most sustainable ways possible, heralded as the very best salmon in terms of taste, texture and nutritional quality.

Loch Duart Salmon


The finest Scottish Salmon comes from the cold, clear waters of NW Scotland where a unique, low-volume and sustainable rearing system produces lean, fit fish of exceptional quality.

Loch Duart is a very different Salmon Company. The difference begins with our approach to rearing salmon and ends with a product which is consistently judged superior in taste, quality, colour and overall perception, as evidenced by the number of leading international chefs and restaurants which serve Loch Duart farmed salmon by name.

‘Best practice’ is the principle applied to Loch Duart salmon at every stage of rearing, harvesting and supply – a sustainable and environmentally-responsible approach which defines a long term role for aquaculture as an essential and viable part of the food supply chain of the future. Stocks of wild fish are dwindling through overfishing – and the global influence of aquaculture is such that in 1999, for the first time, salmon farming produced a greater tonnage than the world’s wild atlantic salmon catch and has done so in every subsequent year.

Their ultimate objective is the delivery of an outstanding salmon to the consumer. Here, in the cold, clear waters of northern Scotland, we are using safe, sustainable techniques to produce lean, fit fish – salmon as salmon should be.

Label Rouge Salmon


Superior quality, officially endorsed by the French Government. Label Rouge is an official endorsement of the superior quality of a food or farmed product.

To obtain this recognition, a very stringent set of standards prepared by a group of producers must be approved. These standards establish the criteria which the product must meet, in particular with regard to farming techniques, feed, equipment and sites, hygiene and staff training.

Tasmanian Salmon


Atlantic salmon was first introduced to Tasmania and New South Wales for sport fishing in the 1800s but a population was never established. The next attempt to introduce the species to Tasmania was not until the 1980s when fertilised Atlantic salmon eggs were purchased from the Gaden Hatchery in Jindabyne, New South Wales which originated from Nova Scotia, Canada in the 1960s.

Tasmanian salmon is a rich and naturally occurring source of Omega-3 fatty acids which help in preventing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and good health.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout_small


Petuna Ocean Trout comes from the remote South-west coast of Tasmania, where the cool wilderness waters of the Franklin-Gordon Rivers collide with the salt water of the Great Southern Ocean. Here Peter and Una Rockliff, together with their family, have spent decades perfecting this superior tasting artisan product. Their pioneering work has been recognised by an Order of Australia Medal.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout is one of the most sought after items by chefs all over the world, for a fish so high in Omega-3 the flesh has an impressive firmness to it, allowing versatility in a number of dishes and cuisines. Top 5 restaurants in Sydney use Tasmanian Ocean Trout as their signature dish.



Patagonian toothfish is one of the two largest species of fish occurring in the Antarctic, reaching up to 2.2 metres in length and up to 100kg in weight. They are found in the cold, temperate waters of the southern Atlantic, southern Pacific, Indian, and Southern oceans.

The properties of toothfish are quite unique. The skin is black and the flesh is white with no pin bones. When filleted, it is a solid piece of white flesh. One valuable characteristic is that the flesh contains a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids that are released when cooked. Omega 3 fatty acids have become recognised for their health benefits, particularly in combating asthma.

Quality Snowfish is superb when grilled or steamed, the rich taste and delicate texture of this deep-water fish has made it an international favorite.



Kinmedai has a very distinctive look because of its large eyes and its bright red skin. Kinmedai is a deep sea fish, living in the range of 200 to 800 meters deep in the ocean.

The season for Kinmedai is in winter, from the end of December to the end of March when the tasty white meat contains a lot of fat.

Because of its superb meat quality, it is suitable for almost any types of cooking method such as sashimi, salt grilling, poaching, frying and steaming.

NZ.Red Snapper

Red Snapper

One of the most delicious and highly prized of the fishes, found around the coast of northern New Zealand from depths of 10 to 400m.

Red Snapper has a tender white to pinkish flesh with a sweet, delicate flavour. With its quality flesh, red snapper can be cooked in practically every way, or alternatively served raw as sashimi.

Yellowtail Kingfish


Yellowtail kingfish are widely distributed throughout the warm–temperate waters of the southern hemisphere.

Their long and streamlined bodies are greeny blue on the dorsal surface shading to silvery white beneath. The common name “yellowtail” comes from their bright yellow fins (particularly the caudal fin), but they also have a distinctive golden brown stripe running laterally from the snout to the tail.

They have a mild flavour with very firm texture and popular to eat as sashimi or sushi especially in Japan and Australia.

Bluefin Tuna_Small


The Bluefin tuna is one of the largest, fastest, swims the in the deepest cold currents out of all tunas.

The Bluefin tuna or the hon maguro is the favorite delicacy in Japan and considered the best fish for sashimi as such it is the most valuable fish in the world.

King Mackerel


Our King Mackerel is sourced directly from small fishing boats in the Gulf of Thailand which come back to shore every day. The fishermen use line caught method to ensure the best quality King Mackerel.

Pangasius Dory


Our Pangasius Dory is free of antibiotics and chemical residues.

Premium in grade with large white fillets with no bones, moist with a light firm texture, and a mild flavour making it versatile for any cooking styles. Pangasius Dory is nutritious with low to moderate fat content with high levels of protein.

Hygienic Seabass


Our Hygienic Seabass is raised in GAP (Good Aquaculture Practices) certified farm ensuring the sustainability and food safety.

Apart from the aquaculture standard, we also ensure the best flavour and texture by raising our Seabass in brackish water giving it a firm texture and sweet taste without the muddy smell.

Hygienic Red Tilapia


Our Hygienic Red Tilapia is raised in GAP (Good Aquaculture Practices) certified farm ensuring the sustainability and food safety.

Apart from the aquaculture standard, we also ensure the best flavour and texture by raising our Red Tilapia in brackish water giving it a firm texture and sweet taste without the muddy smell.

Hygienic Nile Tilapia


Our Hygienic Nile Tilapia is raised in GAP (Good Aquaculture Practices) certified farm ensuring the sustainability and food safety.

Apart from the aquaculture standard, we also ensure the best flavour and texture by raising our Nile Tilapia in brackish water giving it a firm texture and sweet taste without the muddy smell.





Dip, coat and treat your favorite seafood.

Like our seafood, our sauce is always at its best when chilling in the fridge (4°C min.)

Mills Kaviar


Mills Kaviar was launched back in 1952 and is a traditional sandwich topping that generations of Norwegians have had on the bread growing up.

Made of premium cod roe from the Norwegian Sea, matured and beech smoked, gives Mills Kaviar a rich and exciting taste.

Be warned; it’s very addictive. Enjoy on a piece of rye bread, with sliced boiled egg or in cold sauces and dressings.

H.Forman&Son Anchovies with Garlic


These anchovies are unsalted and completely boneless making them perfect for a variety of simple delicious recipes such as adding to cheese on toast, salads or even enjoy them straight from the pack on warm buttered bread!

Forman & Son pride themselves in creating the freshest, best grade fish.

Not only are these anchovies marinated in the most delicious garlic vinaigrette they are also full of omega oil, making them both delicious and healthy for you and your family to enjoy.

H.Forman&Son Anchovies with Olives


Forman & Son pride themselves in creating the freshest, best grade fish.

Not only are these anchovies marinated in the most delicious garlic vinaigrette they are also full of omega oil, making them both delicious and healthy for you and your family to enjoy.

Labeyrie Alaskan Salmon Roe


Salmon roe is large, luminous, orange, glistening beads.

Also, it is low salt, mild, and juicy, with pop-in-your-mouth consistency.

Labeyrie Trout Roe


Sweet and crisp, these naturally light orange beads are perfect as an hors d’oeuvres or as a garnish to your favorite dish.

Labeyrie Black Lumpfish


This caviar comes from the Lumpfish.

This black caviar is small, and kind of pops in your mouth.

Usually served as an appetizer, hors d’oeuvre, or side dish.

Labeyrie Red Lumpfish


This caviar comes from the Lumpfish.

This caviar is small, the roe is dyed red and kind of pops in your mouth as your bite in.

Usually served as an appetizer, hors d’oeuvre, or side dish.



Just Smoked


Thammachart Seafood offers a range of natural, affordable and conveniently packed smoked salmon, gravlax, snowfish, mackerel, herring and tuna.

Our own brand product is finely crafted in the smokehouse using traditional smoking methods where only the finest raw material and ingredients used.

We are continually and consistently seeking to refine our existing line of smoked products under the Just Smoked brand as well as developing a wide range of new and exciting products.

Forman&Son Royal Fillet


Now in its fourth generation, the family business has maintained the traditions and original recipes.

Forman & Son select only the finest and freshest quality fish within 48 hours of harvest. As soon as it arrives it is cleaned, trimmed and dry salting entirely by hand. Controlling smoke is vital.

Forman & Son’s expertise results in a perfect blend of air-drying and dehumidification with precise quantities of smoke produced by friction-burning oak logs.The result is smoked salmon which is sumptuous and delicate.

Regal Artisan Smoked Sliced King Salmon


Delicious and nutritious Regal salmon is all you need to create a meal of exceptional flavour and quality. Regal salmon is not only quick and easy to prepare, its versatility makes it suitable for every meal occasion.

The Regal Artisan Range is a salute to a traditional, more considered approach to crafting fine foods. They’ve taken the finest hand-selected New Zealand King Salmon, cured it with premium sea salt, and smoked it for several hours using native manuka wood chips. The result is salmon rich in aroma, vibrant in colour, and delicate on the palate.

Regal Wood Roasted Salmon


Delicious and nutritious Regal salmon is all you need to create a meal of exceptional flavour and quality. Regal salmon is not only quick and easy to prepare, its versatility makes it suitable for every meal occasion.

Wood Roasted (Hot Smoked) Salmon refers to the high temperature at which the salmon fillets are smoked after the curing process. The salmon is not spicy hot, but has a cooked flavour and texture and is sold in fillet portions.

Wood Roasted Salmon can be easily broken into chunks perfect for the ultimate salad or pasta-style dish.

Snappy dresser

Snappy dresser



Ama-ebi is a small cold water shrimp.

The Japanese name means “sweet shrimp” and they have a sweet taste when eaten raw.

The best is to eat them fresh and raw, simply. Just let the tip of the tail.

7-Color Phuket Lobster

Phuket Lobster

The Phuket lobster is a highly priced shellfish well known to both tourist and the locals alike, with its firm but succulent texture this lobster is regarded as a delicacy for sashimi.



It is whitish or pinkish with dark orange stripes at joints, it’s rostrum is long and upwardly curved with strong spines.

Langoustine flesh is white, sweet and delicate.

Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

Maine lobster, also known as American lobster is a species of lobster found on the Atlantic coast.

It can reach a body length of 64 cm (25 in), and a mass of over 20 kilograms (44 lb), making it the heaviest crustacean in the world.

Maine Lobster can survive out of water for up to two days if kept refrigerated.

Maine Lobster is firm in texture and sweet in taste.

Flathead Lobster-adjusted

Flathead Lobster

The texture is similar with shrimp but more firm and crisp.

Best deep fried with garlic.

Alaskan Red King Crab

Alaskan Red King Crab

Caught in the waters of Bristol Bay and Norton Sound, the true red king crab is the most prized species of crab in the world.

Alaska’s largest harvest of red king crab takes place in the waters of Bristol Bay.

With its snow-white meat and highlights of bright red that gives the succulent and sweet taste. For cooking Alaskan king crab, it’s best steamed with butter.

Snow Crab

Snow Crab

Snow crab are caught as far north as the Arctic Ocean, from Newfoundland to Greenland and north of Norway in the Atlantic Ocean, and across the Pacific Ocean.

Snow crab – named for their sweet, delicate, snow-white meat – is one of Alaska’s signature crab fisheries.

Hokkaido Hairy Crab

Hokkaido Hairy Crab (Ke-gani)

Japanese people love crabs. A large amount of crabs are landed in Hokkaido, drawing many people from outside of Hokkaido. They are fresh, delicious and relatively cheap in Hokkaido, and so you should have them. There are mainly four kinds of crabs in Hokkaido; hanasaki crab, hairy crab, snow crab, and king crab, and they all taste delicious.

“Hairy crab” has strong sweetness and steady texture. It’s usually boiled with some salt or broiled. The features of snow crab include elegant sweetness and sophisticated taste.



The French’s most favourite’s appetizer. In French culture, the snails are typically purged, killed, removed from their shells, and cooked (usually with garlic butter, chicken stock or wine) and then placed back into the shells with the butter and sauce for serving.

Additional ingredients may be added, such as garlic, thyme, parsley and pine nuts. Special snail tongs (for holding the shell) and snail forks (for extracting the meat) are also normally provided, and they are served on indented metal trays with places for six or 12 snails.

Aus Abalone

Australian Abalone

A sweet, mild flavor and firm but tender texture make it a popular delicacy.

Its beautiful shell is widely used for making jewellery and other decorative items.

Aus Blue Mussel

Blue Mussel

Blue mussels are the popular choice from fine dining to simple home cooked meals and are highly sought after by mussel lovers for their plump meaty texture, sweet flavour and innovative packaging.

Live Akagai


Abundant in coastal areas of southern Kyushu and Hokkaido.

Sweet taste and texture will be perfect in the spring.

The popular menu of Japanese are sashimi and sushi.

Scottish King Scallop

Diver-caught Scottish King Scallops

The only fresh seafood to receive the Great Taste Awards 2013, achieving the most prestigious 3 gold stars.

Scottish King Scallops are has sweet taste and tender texture.

King Scallop can be eaten raw, lightly steamed, fried or au gratin, and they are particularly appetizing when served in their decorative shells.

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Uni is considered by the Japanese as one of the most nutritious delicacies being low in calories but rich with protein, fiber and Vitamin C. It is also a healthy source of vitamins A & E, iodine and calcium and promoting good blood circulation.

Uni is usually enjoyed as nigiri sushi or sashimi.

The best season to enjoy uni is late fall through the winter, with December considered the best month.


New Zealand Greenshell Mussel

The distinctive jade colour of the shell adds extraordinary visual appeal to a plate, with chefs and consumers worldwide experiencing the culinary versatility, extensive nutritional benefits, succulent plump meat and sweet tender taste of the New Zealand Greenshell™ Mussel.

Oyster_Fin de claire

Fine de Claire Oyster

These three-year-old oysters are from the Marennes-Oléron region.

The top-class “Red Label” Fine de Claire oysters are refined for one month in claires, with ten per square metre. Strict specifications govern the shape, amount of flesh and packaging for transport.

These fleshy oysters have a guaranteed sharp, fresh flavour and quality.

Oyster Marennes-Oleron

Marennes-Oléron Oyster

An exceptional product of which the oyster farmers are particularly proud.

For a long time these oysters were only sold to certain privileged clients. Today this top-of-the-range oyster, the spearhead of the Marennes Oléron industry, is produced by a few specialized professionals.

Cultured at a very low density (maximum five animals per square metre) in the Claire where it stays for four to eight months.

Oyster Tsarskaya

Tsarskaya Oyster

The Tsars of Russia were avid consumers of oysters, and it was in honour of this fact that in 2004 the “Tsarskaya » oyster was born.

Selected straight from the spat this oyster is farmed for 3 to 4 years at the heart of the farm.

It is powerful on the palette, pure and with a taste of iodine, crunchy and tender, then releasing a sugary flavour that tastes almost like sweet almonds.

The « Tsarskaya » takes time to diffuse all the taste buds, before adding a slight hint of acidity at the end, similar to that touch of tannin in a « Grand cru » wine.

Oyster Tasmanian

Tasmanian Oyster

Tasmanian Oysters are a true delicacy; their distinctive full-bodied flavour is complimented by alluring colour and aromas.

Tasmania has more than 1,000 mountain peaks, four mild seasons, more than 40 per cent of its Island is protected as national parks and reserves, and we have some of the world’s rarest animals. The ‘Roaring Forty’ winds give the cleanest air in the world; Tasmania is truly blessed by nature for its purest oysters.

Oyster Belon

Belon Oyster

The star of the oyster!

This unique flat oyster is noted for its taste of iodine as well as it’s firm flesh, light, nutty flavor and being slightly acidic.

Uniquely subtle and finesse.

Oyster Sydney Rock

Sydney Rock Oyster

Native to Australia, a one of kind harmonious taste of rich savoury flavor.

A true Sydney Opera of the oysters.

Razor Clam

Razor Clam

In Italy, razor clams are known as cannolicchi, they served the clams with penne pasta, or grilled served with seafood sauce.





Octopus or “Tako” as it’s known in Japanese, is a special ingredient in Japanese food culture.

The most commonly eaten octopus in Japan is known as “Madako”.

Although octopus contains high-quality protein, taurine is by far its best known health benefit, helping to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and fight off gallstones